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Sales Resources


Feel free to use any of the files below to help you in spreading the word about your fundraiser. Boost your participation rate and your sales with these professionally produced graphics and written messages.



"Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising." -- Mark Twain

Email is king

There are many ways to spread the word about your fundraiser, but email remains the most effective method. An announcement to your group's mailing list is the fastest and easiest way to get the ball rolling. To save time, feel free to use the templated letter provided below. 

Simply download the file, personalize it for your organization, add your campaign link in the appropriate place and send it out.

Social media packs a punch

Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are excellent for getting the attention of others with eye-catching images. If your group has a page on one of these sites, make a quick post to let your followers know about your sale.


We have a few pre-formatted graphics available for you to use for this purpose. You can download them below. Choose the one(s) you like best and post them with a brief written message (or use our template letter, also found below), and don't forget to include your Campaign Link.

Gentle reminders make huge a difference

Industry studies have repeatedly shown that groups that send out four or more emails during their fundraising campaign will raise an average of 70% more than groups that send only 1-2 emails.


Be sure to take opportunities to remind and encourage everyone, especially as the sales deadline is getting near. We typically see close to 40% of sales occur in the last three or four days of a fundraising campaign. Procrastination is real. We all have very busy lives and even the best intentioned supporter may get side-tracked.


**IMPORTANT Make sure to include your Campaign Link in every email.


Advertise your fundraiser quickly and effectively.

The template letter and the graphic images can be downloaded directly from this page, down below.

We also have templates for a printable poster as well as a classroom handout. These can be quickly and easily edited and customized for your group and then downloaded, printed out and distributed. You can access these files HERE.

To download files click on the three vertically arranged dots on the right side of the page.

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