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How Our Fundraising
Program Works

A complete step-by-step breakdown of the simple

Sun-Oka Fruit Farms fundraising process.


Step 1. Get in touch with us 

Let us know you're interested and ask any questions you may have. Contact us here.


Step 2. Make a group decision   

Present the idea at your next board meeting and decide as a group if this is a good fit for you.


Step 3. Register an account 

Let us know once your group has voted to run a Sun-Oka Fruit Farms apple sale and we'll add you to our list for the upcoming season. We'll send you a link to the registration page in August.


You'll be asked to enter the following details to register your campaign:


  • Name of campaign organizer

  • Your email address 

  • Create a password

  • Phone number (just so the delivery company can contact you on delivery day)

  • Your Organization Name

  • Delivery address (you can change this later, if needed)

  • Your fundraising target

  • What the raised funds will be used for (optional -- but could help motivate your team)


You'll be asked to agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy (nothing sneaky or underhanded in there, but please read through for your protection and ours)


Step 4. Generate your unique fundraiser link and recruit your sales team  

From your organizer dashboard click on the big red button that says "Get Campaign Link".


This will generate a unique, trackable link for your group's fundraising campaign. Simply click on the option to "Copy Link" then share this link with your list of members, parents, volunteers, staff or others that may be willing to participate.

Step 5.  The sales period

People that click on the link you created in Step 4 will be taken to a landing page that explains everything for you. They'll be offered the choice to simply purchase apples for themselves or to also register as a Seller on behalf of your campaign.

If they choose to register as a Seller they will be given their own unique sales link that they can share with their friends and family.


Buyers will follow the sales link to a landing page where they will get information and make their purchases safely and securely with any major credit card or debit card.


You can track all your sales online in realtime throughout this period.


Step 6. Receive your funds

Once the sales period is complete we will work to get your proceeds from the sale to you as soon as possible.


You will have the option to have the money electronically transferred to your account through Stripe Connect Express. This is our recommended option. If you choose this option, all of your raised funds will be deposited into your account within 2-4 days after the sale has ended.


Or you can opt for a written cheque to be mailed to you. This will take 2-4 weeks.


Step 7.  Prepare for delivery

Once the sales period has ended, log back in to your account and click the button that says "Generate PDF Report". The app will compile all of your sales data, arranged by Seller, into an easy-to-read checklist. Print out this checklist before delivery day. 


We will get in touch with you at this point to arrange a delivery date and time that works for all parties involved. 


Step 8. Delivery day

Fruit will be delivered by truck. Make sure you have a dry, and secure place to put it once it is in your possession. Have a small team of volunteers on hand to assist in unloading the fruit and moving it into your designated storage spot. Confirm that you have received the correct box count and that no damage has occurred during transit, and then sign for the delivery.


Distribute the fruit to your sellers quickly. Have them meet you at the delivery location to receive all the boxes that they have sold. Use the checklist you printed out in Step 7 to keep track of who has collected their orders and make sure they get the correct number of boxes of each variety. The boxes will be colour-coded by variety for easy identification at-a-glance.


Step 9. Distribute to buyers

Each Seller will also be able to print out their own PDF checklist that lists each person that placed  an order through them, and how many boxes of each variety they bought.


The Seller will make arrangements to distribute the boxes to their friends and family members as quickly as possible so that the fruit is delivered at peak freshness.


Step 10. Rejoice!

You're all done. Enjoy your delicious, farm fresh apples and use all that money you have raised to make a positive impact for your organization and your community! 

Know what goes great with our fresh sliced apples?

Check out this cheesy video for a walk-through demonstration of our online fundraising app...

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