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Receiving and distributing the apples smoothly and easily

** Around the end of your sales campaign we will contact you to set up a suitable date for delivery of your apples. In most cases, delivery will be contracted to a third-party carrier.

Printing out your checklists

After your campaign sales period has ended, click on Campaigns > Sales in the menu bar and then click the red button that says "Download pickup sheet".

Campaign sales ledger_edited.jpg

The app will compile all of your Sellers' data into a handy PDF checklist and download it to your computer for easy printing. 

It will list all your Sellers in alphabetical order with their contact information and the number of boxes they sold.

Have them collect all the boxes from you on delivery day and then distribute to their buyers.

PDF checklist_edited.jpg

Next, click on "My Sales" in the menu bar and once again click on the red "Download pickup sheet" button.

This will list all the people that purchased directly from your campaign link without registering as a Seller.

Print out both checklists and have them with you on delivery day. Simply check off the names as people collect their apples. 

Organizer portal menu bar.png

What to expect at delivery

The apples are packed and shipped in single layer boxes, as shown, for easy handling.

Ambrosia box.jpg

The boxes will be arranged on a pallet, as shown. A full pallet holds 147 boxes and is over seven feet tall.


You may need a short stool or a chair to comfortably reach the top layers of boxes.

full pallet_edited.jpg

The apples will be delivered by a third party carrier in a truck similar to the one pictured here.

The driver will lower the pallets to the ground for you and move them (a short distance, over flat pavement only) to your preferred spot. 

Have a knife or pair of scissors handy to cut off the straps that secure the boxes together on the pallet.

Delivery truck_edited.jpg

Now it's crunch time!

Enjoy your delicious apples.

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