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Buying apples for yourself and tracking your orders in real-time

Part 1. How your campaign link works

Everyone that clicks on your campaign link will be shown this popup window.

They will choose whether they want to help sell apples on your behalf, or just purchase some for themselves.

Seller_buyer choice popup_edited.jpg

If they choose to only purchase apples they will be directed to a landing page where they can learn a little bit about our product and place their order.

Buyer landing page_edited.jpg

If they choose to help sell apples for your fundraiser they will be directed to a landing page with some information and instructions.

Once they sign up with their name and email they will be assigned their own unique Sales Link that they can send to their friends and family to help expand your reach and profits.

Seller landing page_edited.jpg

Part 2. Ordering apples for yourself

To purchase apples for yourself, click on the Get Campaign Link button again. 

Then click directly onto the green hyperlink.

At the popup, simply click on the button that says "No thanks, I just want to buy some for myself".

You will be taken to the buyer page.

Campaign link pop-up_edited.jpg


Part 3. Tracking your sales

You can track all of your group's sales in realtime throughout the sales period.

From the menu bar on the left side of your organizer portal click on Campaigns > Sales.

This will display a ledger of all the people that have signed up as a Seller for your campaign, along with their sales totals and your campaign total.

Campaign sales ledger_edited.jpg

Clicking on the menu tab "My Sales" will display a ledger of all the group members that chose to buy apples through your campaign link, but did not sign up as a Seller.

Organizer portal menu bar.png

Part 4. Setting up electronic funds transfer

If your group already has a Stripe account (ie for Munch-a-Lunch or other purposes) you can connect it to Sun-Oka Fruit Farms' Stripe account.

We can then electronically transfer your funds to you in 2-4 days after your campaign end date.

If you do not already have a Stripe account you can easily create one through the link shown.

If you do not use this feature we will mail you a cheque. Please allow 2-4 weeks.

Organizer portal menu bar.png
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